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A pay per call line offers legal advice at very affordable rates and with our Live Line you can stop the charges at any time. But it is better than a face to face! We support our live calls with an email to you that summarizes what we talked about, so you can read it again and recall and retain what you learned. On selecting the live option, you will either talk to Attorney Michael J. Gardiner directly or, request he call you back

Pay per call? If you retain us, it is actually free

If you retain us, it’s always free! We do offer some free consultations on our free 401 861-4100 main line. We offer free consultations on injury cases. Personal injury are “no fee unless successful” cases. But, there are many other cases that you need sound advice for. Many free consultations end up being just general reaction to what you report, and would require actual follow up legal research to be more reliable. And they are an exploration if whether you really are willing to retain legal services or just fishing for a free but unreliable answer. The pay per call line is offering value for value. We will provide value because you are paying value. There is respect and obligation, if only for the call, that means we deliver an answer we want to be the best answer, and you benefit by knowing we aren’t just giving you a seat of the pants reaction or a first impression without much thought to it. Now, of course, many cases take more than a consultation, in person, or on a call, to obtain the full answer or the acceptable outcome. Our handling the call doesn’t make us like insurance that protects you. YO don’t get that for $20.00 or $2.99 per minute. We are only committing to answer the call to the best of our ability. Answering the call as best we can is not entering into a full attorney client relationship. You would have to retain us and we would have to accept you as a client. And of course when you do that, your call will end up being free.


When you just have a worry or a question, “free” is almost never the best choice. It is risky to rely on time consuming “mining expeditions” for free legal advice. You want to get right to it and be attended to now, personally, by an attorney who asks you the questions that have to answered, who asks you the questions that may even be hard to face, and who will search the law and compare it to your facts. The cost of a call is an efficient choice too. The call rate of $2.99 per minute for a telephone consultation is less than the going rate for in person legal services. And, on the live line we focus on the law. And, you will get an email summary of the conversation, so you can read it again. That’s a great service.

There are some things folks commonly need to know:

  • Should I take a chemical test if I am arrested on suspicion of DUI?
  •  If I have a tenant who stops paying rent, how do I make sure I file a case properly, and don’t get dismissed on a technicality?
  • What if my landlord won’t fix anything?

Try our pre-recorded extensions! They only cost $20.00, and if you end up retaining Gardiner Law, the cost will be deducted from your fee, so it ends up being free! These pre-recorded messages are intended to give you valuable helpful information right now. Don’t see what you are looking for? Use our live line. Best hours are between 11 A.M. and 10 P.M.  And we hold 12:30 P.M especially open for live line calls M-F but late morning Saturday and Sunday EST will be handled. It’s live, so, availability is not as “24-7” as a pre-recording. But you can request a call back.

  • What if you are arrested on suspicion of Driving under the influence in Rhode Island? Should you just refuse the breathalyzer? Press 2
  • What if you are a landlord and you need to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent? What common mistakes do I need to avoid?  Press 3
  • What if you are a tenant and you get served papers by the landlord for non-payment? What are your options? What should you do? Press 4
  • What if you were involved in any sort of Automobile Accident, and the other party was at least partly at fault Press 5 We are going to give you some advice that will help you with reporting the accident, finding insurance, getting your car repaired, or dealing with the fact your car is going to be totaled, and documenting your claims for the vest outcome. Of course if you retain us for an injury case it will be refunded and free.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Call the live line during reasonable hours. If you don’t get Michael J. Gardiner directly, request a call back. When you call the live line, we get fright to work to make sure the informational consult is valuable, so here’s how you prepare for a live line call.

First, be ready to provide identifying information for yourself and the person or company you have a situation with, so we can make sure there is no conflict of interest.

Second, be ready if invited to send scanned documents. Please, don’t send photos of individual pages. Send a PDF if you ready to send phots you think tell the story. Your live line call can be very productive if attorney Gardiner can see the key document or picture. We will provide and email address for specific items in the call itself.

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