Landlord/Tenant Dispute Attorney in Providence

What if My Leased or rented house or apartment has a major problem like heat or plumbing or water damage or other issues?

Your lease can be terminated in thirty days with a right to return of your security deposit, IF you use the right WRITTEN notice and the landlord doesn’t repair within twenty days. You can do it yourself, the RI Landlord tenant handbook is available free online and provides simple guidance and forms but … People like doing it themselves like they like doing their taxes…

There’s more to it than that, and people often can’t afford to move.

Sometimes you can demand alternative accommodation, but that probably happens mostly when insurance is covering the bill, like after a fire or storm that was covered.

Then, a lot of time there are other issues between landlord and tenant. It’s often more than one thing or it’s not the first time

You might want to pay a lawyer to do it right for you. Or pay just to walk/talk you through it a bit, or give you more and fuller advice based on your specific facts.

Moving is Expensive!

Getting Problems Corrected is Far Easier

Use our Pay Per Call Line and save yourself from all of that cost and dislocation! I strongly recommend using our Pay Per Call Line 1(800)399-4278. It gives you the chance to take more time with your specific situation and to choose the best course of action and to know how to make it all work better going forward, because moving is expensive and hard. Don’t worry about it into being worth it to you. You will get an email summary of what you learned too, and it’s very affordable at just $2.99 per minute

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