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Outstanding Committment and Results

Mike represented me as my defense attorney through a 3 year court case I was involved in. He was thorough, dedicated and stopped at nothing to get me the best outcome possible. Mike was extremely knowledgeable and made sure he had all the facts. He was always available and made sure to go out of his way to advise me in the best manner possible. He also represented me in a wrongful termination case against a previous employer and a car accident both had excellent results. No matter what your needs are, I highly recommend Mike. He is extremely affordable and you will be in excellent care.

- (5 star review)

Michael did a great job!

Michael was very understanding when it came to a very emotional divorce. He was able to steer me in the right direction and I was able to settle before having to go to trial. I always felt as though he had my best interest in mind and would definitely recommend him to others.

- (5 star review)

Honest Representation

Attorney Michael Gardiner is an exceptional litigant ;and representitive to his clients . When no one would listen to my concerns regarding a litigation matter that I felt had been mishandled by a previous attorney;…..,Attorney Gardiner took the time to extensively research case law pertaining to this particular legal case; and had the ability to present an effective rebuttal ……all on a moments notice. Attorney Gardiner listens to the needs of his clients and tailors his strategies in accordance to the case involved. He will always be there to offer advice on any legal matter, and will always be honest and upfront with his clients . I have seen firsthand the diligence and efforts this attorney has put forth, on 2 separate legal matters that he has handled for me. I would highly recommend the legal services that Mr. Gardiner provides, where the quality of service always remains the same, no matter how simplistic or complex the case may be.

- (5 star review)

If you want an excellent lawyer who also has a heart, choose Mike

I haven’t had any real contact with lawyers before my divorce, but since then I got the feeling that most lawyers, as good as they may be in their field of work, have very little understanding of emotions involved in a divorce case. When I met Michael Gardiner, I was relieved that he was very understanding of my situation and my emotions, while still being extremely professional and knowledgeable. If I ever have a legal issue again, I will call him! He has been very honest from the beginning and contacts me to see how I am doing, which is very appreciated. He is well known amongst lawyers, and he does not make false promises. If your goal is very unlikely to get to, he will let you know, but still fight to get to that goal. For me, he worked out a deal with the opposing lawyer in which my ex-husband, who was seeking full custody and child support from me, has to pay me child support and has visitation with the children for less than half a week. Michael Gardiner to me personally is a knight in shining armor! He turned my situation around very quickly – from not having a lawyer at all and going against a super expensive lawyer to having a great lawyer and feeling more powerful. Whenever I contacted Mike, he responded right away. He answered all of my questions promptly, even questions that were not directly related to my case. Michael Gardiner – Thank you for everything that you have done for me, I am very grateful.

- (5 star review)

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